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You Can’t Have It All? We Beg to Differ

The only thing missing? Compromise.

People say you can’t have it all. Those people are wrong. True, the world is full of road bikes that are light, but as flimsy as overcooked fettuccini. Or fast, but as comfortable as razorblade underwear. Those, however, are compromised bikes. We’re not big on compromise.

When we designed the Carnelian Roadie, we labored over the details to make sure that we achieved the perfect balance of bottom bracket stiffness and vibration damping.

The result? A bike that allows you to hammer a sprint and wring every bit of speed and performance possible out of it…without rattling the teeth out of your head in the process.

Competitive Components

First, we painstakingly engineered the Carnelian’s mix of high and low-modulus carbon fiber. Next, we precisely oriented each of its hundreds of carbon plies. And, while we were at it, we gave the Carnelian a geometry that puts riders in an efficient riding position they can maintain for hours on end. The end result is a frame that offers both outstanding energy transfer and all-day riding comfort.

To top it off, we outfitted that frame with a smart component mix that includes Shimano™ 105 shifters, derailleurs, cassette and cranks, Tektro disc brakes, as well as a carbon bar, stem and seatpost.

The Carnelian… Peerless performance. No compromises.