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We're Obsessive... and Proud of It

Cutting-edge technology, meticulously crafted, every time.

Not all carbon fiber bikes are created equal. Not by a long shot. The devil is in the details; the composite layup, the exact mix of high and low-modulus carbon fibers, the resin quality, the compaction and molding of those carbon layers…these things are absolutely critical if you want a frame that’s light yet durable, efficient yet comfortable.

Unlike most bike brands, we are in complete control over every aspect of our framebuilding process. We don’t hire a factory to build our frames. We are the factory.

We can tell you who personally cut every sheet of carbon fiber, who laid up each carbon ply by hand, who molded each frame.

It’s what sets MVMT apart from the pack.

Some people call that kind of attention-to-detail “obsessive”. We absolutely agree.

We are obsessive…and proud of it.

Extreme Testing

Catastrophic impact tests, fatigue tests, weighted stress tests, paint-chip analyses, ultrasonic tests, salt-water baths—these are just a few of the grueling tests we subject every MVMT model to. Why? So that you can rest easy, knowing that your ride is safe and ready for years of hard riding.

A Meticulous Carbon Mix

At MVMT we are proud to say that our frames are designed using several types of Toray™ high modulus carbons, forming Hybrid Carbon. Hybrid Carbon guarantees stiffness exactly where riders transfer energy, and compliance exactly where riders need comfort.

Stiff, Strong and Durable

MVMT’s All-In-One (AIO) monocoque front triangle means everything but the stays are pre-assembled by hand prior to being placed in the mold and fused together in the oven. AIO enables us to create a stiff, strong, and durable frame.

Less Weight And Greater Strength

We use EPS Mandrels that allow the hand lay-up process to be precise each and every time. Coupled with our bladder technology, the EPS Mandrel helps to create a smooth interior (especially where sharp angles occur), leaving no excess material.

Bottom line? Less weight and greater strength.

Total Carbon Five Port

Our Total Carbon Five Port Bottom Bracket is entirely laid up by hand using over 100 precision-cut pieces of laminate. Since the down tube, seat tube and chain stay ports are a single piece prior to going into the mold, energy transfer from rider to drive train is maximized.

Pay less and get more bike? That's right.

You get what you pay for. That’s the old saying and it’s almost always true. Almost. We’re proud to be the exception to that rule.

By selling direct, from our factory to riders all over the world, we save money and so do you. It’s what allows us to bring our technology—which has been tested and proven at the Olympics and at the top levels of the sport—to riders everywhere, at a price that’s hundreds of dollars less than our nearest competitor.

Full Carbon, No Bull

100 percent of MVMT-branded frames, posts, stems and handlebars are carbon. There’s no mixing and matching alloy bars, for instance, with a carbon stem. No skimping on the good stuff. Soon, we will offer MVMT carbon rims as well.

High-End, Stock Components

A lot of companies mix up their groupsets. It saves them money…and forces you to pay more to upgrade the low-end parts, sooner rather than later. That’s not how we roll. At MVMT, we don’t sneak in lesser-quality kit. You get consistent, high-end components throughout.