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Dirt Is In Our DNA

Mountain bikes born and raised in Marin

Coastal fog blowing through the hills. That perfect ribbon of trail that ducks and weaves as far as your eye can see. As a rider, it’s hard not to be inspired by Marin County. It’s the reason the modern mountain bike was born here and it’s also what shapes our own mountain bikes.

Consider our Corundum hardtail. Our first model (more are in the pipeline) is a marriage of time-tested design and cutting-edge carbon manufacturing. We set out to create a bike that was not only bomber-tough and ultra-fast, but surprisingly supple. Rocks, roots and washboard sections of trail are nicely muted thanks to a precise carbon mix and lay-up that provides just the right amount of flex from the seat and chainstays, without sacrificing lateral stiffness.

Or to be less geeky about all this—there’s no flexy-flyer action when you stomp on the pedals, yet the bike provides you with a surprisingly comfortable perch for those days when you want to hit the trail at dawn and stay out there till the sun goes down.

Competitive Component Mix

We complimented the Corundum frame with an equally-balanced parts pick. A RockShox Recon suspension fork sucks up the big hits, while carbon bars and seatpost dampen trail chatter. SRAM’s™ NX 1x11 drivetrain gives you precise shifting and the ability to tackle mountains, no front derailleur required. When it came to brakes, we gave SRAM’s Level hydraulic disc brakes the nod; they’re reliable, powerful and they offer great control.

These hills are the birthplace of mountain biking and the inspiration for our own designs.

This dirt is in our DNA.