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Interview: David Stanek, Bike Manager

Interview: David Stanek, Bike Manager

When did you ride a bike for the first time and what was your experience like?

I don’t remember the first time I road a bike, but I do remember riding my bike to school everyday in 2nd and 3rd grade.  The first time I did a real ride I was eleven and my 21 year old brother took me to Santa Cruz from Sunnyvale.  We camped for the night and peddled back the next day.  I think I was on a blue Univega.

What led you into being passion about bikes?

My brother.  We used to watch Breaking Away, the movie and wanted to be like that.  He taught me how to pull my cranks, repack my freewheel, rebuild a hub and headset.  Those were loose ball bearing days and it took time and patience to maintain your bike.

Do you use bikes simply for transportation? Do you race or consider it a hobby of yours?

I use my commuter bike for transportation and sometimes as a road bike if I want an extra workout.  I do not race, but I love to ride up into the hills and forests around my house.  Biking is more of a hobby for me.  I enjoy the strenuous workout and the surroundings that it takes me to.

What’s your greatest bicycling accomplishment?

Well, it used to be that I road across the United States in 1987 with my buddy Tim using Bikecentennial Maps, but now it might be creating the MVMT brand and influencing the direction and product line of a new American bike brand.

What is your favorite type of bike and why?

Probably and adventure style bike or a gravel bike.  Something that you can pack weight onto and go down any trail controlled, but log serious road miles on.  I like my Marin Lombard Elite, but there are a lot of good choices now.  I used to just take my mountain bikes and put slicks on them; Trek Antelope, Bridgestone MB-2 for example.

What makes you feel strongly about MVMT and their products?

Since I know the factory and I even know the people managing each department, I’m confident that our quality and control methods are the highest available.  So my confidence in the product itself is what makes me feel good about the brand. 

Do you see bike’s becoming more popular for transportation in the future?

There was a bill passed called PL-114 94 that grants funding to surface transportation ways, improving safety and creating things like bike ways.  I am part of the San Mateo County Pedestrial and Bicycle Advisory Committee, so I get to see up close how the money is spent to accomplish these improvements.  Yes, I think as we “European-ize” our bike lanes, we will see more people comfortable enough to use them.

Describe the top 3 benefits of biking, to you.

    Physical, Mental and Emotional Health.  You’ve got to release those endorphins to stay happy and biking does that while keeping you fit.  I know there are books on the topic, but do not overlook the mental thinking and contemplation that goes on in a cyclists head while they’re out there all alone in the forest or on a windy road.  It’s a great way to have some down time from this crazy world.